How to Cook More Plant-Based Meals — and Save Money on Groceries

save money on a plant-based diet. A blue mediterranean bowl with olives, chickpeas, figs and a pita sits on a wooden table.

Something you might not know about me: I was a vegetarian for several years — and I still eat a 90% plant-based diet.

And like many people, the pandemic has inspired me to revisit my cooking habits, meal planning, and diet. More and more people are giving meat-free and plant-based foods a chance. Sales of meatless meats are up 35% since the pandemic began. And 23% more Americans say they’re eating more plant-based foods.

I, of course, am totally excited about this trend. Cooking is a major passion for me, and learning to prepare plant-based meals has grown my kitchen creativity. I’m also excited about it for financial reasons:

Plant-based diets can be a more cost-effective way to feed humans — both on a micro and macro level.