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10 Cheap School Lunch Ideas Under $1/Serving

a lunch box sits open, and a child's hand reaches for an orange; 10-day school lunch menu

Packing my kids’ lunches this morning was a giant pain. It was one of those days where it seemed like we were out of everything.

I managed to put together a decent lunch, with the help of my hubby. But there’s no denying we are overdue on grocery shopping.

Luckily, I’ve put in the work coming up with cheap school lunch ideas already to make grocery shopping easy. Before the beginning of this school year, I created a two-week school lunch menu. It includes foods I know my kids like and will eat.

Why Politics Must Be Part of Your Financial Plan

Civic engagement - money

If you’re like me, the 35 days of the government shutdown were an exercise in futile fury. Or furious futility. Something like that — all I know is that each passing day of the government shutdown had me grinding my teeth in rage.

It’s infuriating that people who are hard workers serving their country were shamed over the state of their finances in a crisis that was most definitely not of their own making.

Instead of sympathy for suddenly having to work without a paycheck, these government workers were questioned by the personal finance community for not having enough savings or told to just get a loan. They were held up as proof that even the “stability” of a government job isn’t unfailing. That everyone still needs an emergency fund and a plan for when their pay hits the fan.

My Career Break Failed Because Fear Got the Best of Me

I’ve written before about how I decided to take a step back from full-time work to take a career break and pursue my own projects and passions.

I wanted to focus on my own work, my personal life, and recovering from burnout. So I turned in my notice and resolved to spend 2019 doing all that, and maybe freelancing a little here and there.

Quitting my job was risky and I thought it would be the scariest part of this process. Hoo mama, I was so, so wrong.