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Elyssa Kirkham

To Curb Emotional Spending, You Need to Understand It

It was Christmas Day. I’d spent the afternoon napping, nursing a cold, and had emerged to find our front room as I’d left it: with wrapping paper, gifts and candy scattered about.

I looked around at the mess and feeling decidedly sullen. What was the point, some voice in my head said. I’d spent hours and hundreds of dollars trying to make this day special. And it probably had been. But from my point of view, I’d spent it in bed, too tired and grumpy to even enjoy anything under the tree.

Fighting Scarcity Mentality Is About More Than Just Money — or Beliefs

I nudged myself to pick up my to-do list and cross something off. Instead, I ended up eating potato chips over the kitchen sink, watching out a squirrel out the window.

It was just one of many unproductive moments through this past week. Why was it been so hard to get my stuff together, run those errands I’ve been putting off, mail that 401k rollover check that’s been sitting on my desk for weeks?

You Can’t Really Manage Money (or Anything Else) Until You Can Manage Yourself

“I need to cut back on everything,” I repeated under my breath.

It was mid-2017, and this phrase was becoming something of a litany for me.  I felt intensely overwhelmed and behind in every area of life — work, parenting, friends, marriage, household management. 

Almost daily I muttered those words to myself, or declared them loudly to my husband. I did so with the conviction that I’d identified the core of my problem: I was doing and buying too much.