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My Career Break Failed Because Fear Got the Best of Me

I’ve written before about how I decided to take a step back from full-time work to take a career break and pursue my own projects and passions.

I wanted to focus on my own work, my personal life, and recovering from burnout. So I turned in my notice and resolved to spend 2019 doing all that, and maybe freelancing a little here and there.

Quitting my job was risky and I thought it would be the scariest part of this process. Hoo mama, I was so, so wrong.

The Curious Case of the Broken Coffee Maker: What’s the Real Cost (and Value) of Convenience?

Hand holding French press and pouring coffee ; What's the real cost of convenience?

It’s my favorite time of day. The house is quiet after a morning rush to get the rest of my family out the door. Ahead of me is a fresh new day to be seized. But first, coffee.

I push the “brew now” button on my coffeemaker, anticipating the delightful “beep! Beep! Beep!” that means it’s done.

But when I remove the carafe, it feels suspiciously light. When tipped over, it pours out a measly ounce.

Oh, hell no.

There’s No “Right Choice”: Choose What You Want, and Then Make It Right

I’m with a friend on a cold day in late November or early December. We’ve inexplicably agreed to meet at the local zoo, despite it being about 40 degrees, cloudy, and snowy. We sit bundled up, rub our arms for warmth and share a bag of gourmet popcorn while our kids run around the zoo’s playset.

“How did you decide to strike out on your own?” I ask. My friend is a talented designer and artist. She owns her own company, and is the creative director for another local business.

She talks about her decision: her desire for more ownership over her work, the freedom to do things the way she believes is best, the ability to devote her time where her passions are. It’s exactly what I’m hoping for.

But what about the financial side, I wonder aloud, worrying about how the loss of my steady income could affect my own family and our money management. Has that panned out?