Elyssa Kirkham: Editorial & Finance Journalism

Since 2012, I’ve crafted hundreds of articles for online publications such as The Balance, FinanceBuzz, LendingTree, GOBankingRates and others. I’ve covered budgeting, savings, banking, student loans, personal loans, credit cards, product reviews and roundups, and more. My articles were often among the best-performing content. I authored two of the top five highest-revenue articles for Student Loan Hero (under an affiliate marketing model).

Explore personal finance articles I’ve worked on by topic.

Lending & Personal Loans

How Many Personal Loans Can You Get? | FinanceBuzz

Personal loans are a versatile borrowing tool. They’re relatively easy to get, and they can be used for almost anything while offering lower interest rates than credit cards. Plus, they come with a payment plan that lets you know exactly how long you’ll be paying off this debt. Convenient, right? {Read more}

6 Low-Interest Personal Loans: Borrow Without Breaking the Bank | FinanceBuzz

The average rate on a two-year personal loan was 9.38% for the year 2021, according to Federal Reserve Consumer Credit data. This is just the average personal loan rate, however — well-qualified borrowers could be eligible for much lower interest rates.

With a low-interest personal loan, you’ll be able to borrow what you need while keeping loan costs affordable. {Read more}

Student Loans & Student Aid

Student Loan Dispute Letter Samples You Can Use to Protect Your Rights | LendingTree

If you find a mistake with your student loan record, a problem with repayment or other similar issue, your servicer should be able to help resolve it. But if they’re not helping, you might need to send a student loan dispute letter to get results. {Read more}

How Does My Income Affect My Student Aid? | The Balance

As a college student, your income directly affects your student aid, too, because it’s used to figure out how much federal financial assistance you qualify for. But exactly how does that work? Here’s what you need to know. {Read more}

Private Student Loans Guide: Everything You Need to Know | FinanceBuzz

When looking at college costs, it can feel like you’ll never scrape together enough funds to pay them all.

As you research options for how to get a loan, you might wonder if private student loans could be the answer. To know for sure, you’ll need to know about how private student loans work and when they’re a smart tool. {Read more}